A Problem With Signage

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I have a weird habit: I like noticing awkward/incorrect grammar on signs. “Excessive” quotation marks (e.g. “‘Please’ use the side door”). Spanglish transcription (e.g. “se benden sebollas”). Poor speling.
But the things I get the biggest kick out of are signs that are funny only in context. This weekend I took a road trip to Mammoth from Los Angeles and found two sets of signs that brightened my sardonic day.

This was just too good to be true. First of all, you CAN’T park there even if you want to. It’s not a parking space. It’s TOTALLY fine to park in either space NEXT to these signs, but for some reason, or because of some obscure law somewhere, these people had to put TWO signs next to a non-parking space to let us know that we shouldn’t do what we can’t do anyway.

This was my favorite. It’s from a gorgeous truck stop family picnic area. Yes, the sign on the left says “CAUTION SNAKES” (which is funny to me on its own because of the missing semicolon. Are they telling snakes to be cautious? Are they advertising a new breed of reptile called the Caution Snake?). And yes, the sign on the right points the way to a pet area right next to the snake pit/playground. I may be the only one who appreciates these things, but I’m willing to accept that level of nerdiness.
One more for good measure, from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles;

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