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Grammy-nominated reggae revivalist Protoje recently released his 10 track album In Search of Lost Time. The album is enticing and full of Jamaican powerhouses such as Koffee, Popcaan, and Lila Iké. Protoje’s deep reggae roots gives way for a seemingly effortless transition between intrinsic slow burns like “Weed & Ting” and “Deliverance” to soulful melodies like “In Bloom” with Lila Iké.

Jamaican reggae singer Iké is not new to the scene, amassing millions of streams on her new album The ExPerience. Her tone is rich and blends perfectly with Protoje’s. Alone, Iké utilizes her range to give us that catchy dance track with a smooth drizzle of soul. Together, Iké and Protoje deliver a feel-good tune to heal our blues and make us contemplate the poetry of the lyrics.

Protoje and Lila Iké interviewed each other about the first time they met, dream collaborators, and what they see for the upcoming year.


Do you remember the first time we met?

I do remember, it was at my album launch for Ancient Future.  You told me one day maybe I’d hear you sing.

What did you think of my music the first time you heard it?

The first thing I thought was she reminds me of Garnet Silk, like a 16-year-old Garnet Silk.

What was going through your mind when you spoke to my mom about signing me?

I was just thinking that I want to make sure you’re protected and cared for both in music and just in general; And give the opportunity for you to change your whole family’s life.

What is your favorite song of mine?

My favourite of yours? In Bloom –  I mean it’s on my album but is it really my song? (laughs)

I did Stars Align over the same beat of your “Bout Noon” song, is there any song of mine you would voice over and why?

Definitely your beats are crazy, I think I’d take a Solitude and do so mad verses over it maybe sample your voice.

What do you envision the world to look like for 2021?

I envision a lot more restrictions and guidelines.

If you could work with any female artist from the past who would it be?

I think it would be Amy Winehouse, I always dreamed of that because of just how real her music sounds to me, her voice is a blueprint.

What is your favorite sneaker or shoe?

Easy!  Air Max One’s – they are perfect for everything, especially stage.

What was your biggest challenge of 2020?

My biggest challenge was dealing with my most fun and inspiring thing to do, which is being onstage,  taken away from me.  It’s been challenging finding other ways to give me my rush.

Who do you consider reggae royalty? 

Anybody who lifts the culture and carries it forward on a better state than where they met it.


What was your first impression after meeting me?

That you were pretty chill! I felt comfortable.

What has been your most memorable show so far?

My most memorable show is Rototom Sunsplash in Spain – I performed PRIME TIME, as a young artiste I felt great. The crowd energy, I’ve never really felt that before.

What is one thing you would like to see me do musically that I have never done before?

Hmm! I’d love to see you perform a song with a guitar on stage solo, just you and a guitar.

What do you envision the world to look like for 2021?

I envision much more control in relation to the pandemic, hopefully completely gone – want touch back road and perform! (laughs)

If you have the ability to go back in time and change anything, would you? If so, what would it be?

If I could go back in time, I would spend a lot more time with instruments – so I could have been a rockstar by now LOL

If you were to form a supergroup, who would it be and why?

Lol I think we already got a supergroup – me, you and Sevana

What are your favorite memories recording here at The Habitat?

So many great memories whilst recording. I’d really say my favourite is post-recording after an all-nighter, when kitchen comes alive (LOL) for breakfast!!

Do you have a favorite sneaker or shoe?

Clark’s is my fav brand of shoe, I specifically love the desert Clarks.

What was your biggest challenge of 2020?

I’d say staying in a good shape. With all that’s happening, it’s pretty easy to fall off.  So staying in good spirits mentally, physically and emotionally has definitely been a challenge.

What is your favorite dish to cook?

Definiteeellllyyy Salt Mackerel and boiled ground provisions





photo / Yannick Reid

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