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Michi just dropped her new EP “Sugarbaby” a blend of Pop, classic R&B, and magic! The LA resident decided to celebrate her release by speaking to her friend Jason from the band HUNNY!


What is your fav ice cream or frozen dessert?

My favorite ice cream is coffee ice cream with chocolate chips & banana slices, don’t ask just try.

What color do you have most in your closet?

The color I have most in my closet is green. It’s the best color, end of discussion baby.

Can you talk about the ways your culture and heritage play a part in your music?

The ways my culture & heritage play a part in my music are present in my decisions & excitement in incorporating Spanish into certain songs, something I never thought I would do & certain songs feel right with it. I also love to incorporate movement of Latin styles of dance in live performances even if minimally 🙂

Token Covid question – what is something new you’ve taken up while in quarantine? A new skill or hobby or instrument? Anything goes. 

Knew this one was coming! Something new I’ve taken up in quarantine is perfecting my skills in making the perfect matcha latte lol, reading a bit more, donating & learning to let myself rest & be a little lazy!

What is your fav lyric of yours?

My fave lyric of my own has to be “my eyes are dry, I guess things seem to go my way, forgive me” as it reminds me of the dgaf/putting myself first mentality I put into practice when leaving a relationship I was super unhappy in & restoring a new happiness in myself & my individuality unforgivably!!


How ya hanging in there this quarantine & how has your creative processed changed during this time?

I’m getting by with loads of help from Call of Duty and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Been surfing more than I usually get to. Just taking life very slow these days and I think to touch on my creative process, that’s the biggest difference for me right now. I’ve found myself making slower, more intimate music lately.

What are your fave spots & venues in LA?

I think the El Rey is officially my fav LA venue after our show back in February. Some of my favorite general spots would be the La Brea tar pits and Tilda Wine Shop and my apartment.

What are 3 albums you’ve been listening to lately?

I’ve mostly just been listening to “house & techno isolation mixtapes” from Detroit Classic Gallery on Youtube lol but other than that I’ll go with Full Hand by Kevin Krauter, Come Clean by Curve, and Light as a Feather by Chick Corea & Return to Forever.

Outside of music, you’re quite the talented painter. How do you approach the process of a new piece? 

Talented is a bit hyperbolic, but thank you, that’s really sweet. It all starts at goodwill, grabbing the biggest piece of art at the store and painting over it lol honestly a lot of my paintings I start by drawing a couple shapes with my eyes closed on a notepad. Then I just pick my favorites and mix some nice colors together.

What’s your fave Hunny song & why? 🙂

I’d say we’re writing and recording my fav Hunny song right now. We built up a pretty good “studio” at Kev’s house and have been working on new stuff and it’s easily my favorite music we’ve ever made.





photos / courtesy of artist

story / LADYGUNN staff

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