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Yael Danon is one of those amazing prodigies like Olivia Rodrigo who is dazzling fans while still a teenager. The 17-year old singer was born in Panama, records in the U.S. and was even the winner of Israel’s Got Talent at the tender age of 13. This trilingual talent just released a brilliant debut album called Diary Girl, featuring the first single “90 Days.” It’s rare to find someone this young who’s in total command of her craft. If I were reviewing Diary Girl in Latin America, I’d say, “este album es fantastico.” And in Israel, I’d say, “האלבום הזה פנטסטי.” The universal message: This album is fantastic.“90 Days” has a super-catchy chorus, and I predict the song will have Rodrigo-like reverberation around the world.


So you’re fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew…is that correct?

That is correct 🙂


Growing up, who were some of your favorite artists and musical influences?

Growing up, I listened to Aretha Franklin and Adele. I listened to a lot of soul (from my mom) and hip-hop and rap (from my dad). Nowadays, I listen to almost every genre possible and that is how I’ve shaped my sound.


Did you attend high school full-time while preparing your debut album?

Yes, I am still in high school and I kept attending high school while preparing this album. I did skip a few days (hehe) but was sure to complete all my missing assignments. I love music as well as learning new things, so not attending school was never an option. 


Would you like to act in movies and TV someday, in addition to your music career?

I would love to act in movies and TV. I have been acting in musicals since I was 10 years old and love it. I have also taken multiple acting courses for film and would definitely love to explore the film industry.




Story: Larry McClain  //  Photos: Courtesy of the artist


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