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Tiptoeing…Maasho keeps it minimal.


Tell us a bit about Maasho…


My name is Abel, Abel Maasho. I’m Ethipoian…20 yrs old, born and raised in Boston before moving to North Carolina. I started making music during my senior year of high school. I am in a blessed time where the technological advancements make it easy for me to pick a career in the arts and I have the facets to express myself. I recently moved up to the mountains in North Carolina.


How would you trace the experiences that have led you to this point?


I am a lot more confident. When I started making music, I never classified myself as a singer. The way I think about music now as opposed to when I first started is different. Now it is an extension of me rather than an expression because I don’t want to use it as an emotional crutch. I want to represent something that is wholesome from the point of view that I was raised…I would say that I’ve realized that this is something that I’d like to do for the rest of my life.


Your sound?


It’s very much a live life and experience and don’t worry too much type of music. I try not to get too stagnant…with music specifically it comes and goes. Music for me is the most intimate form of art that we have. Music is found in every culture, and I find that very powerful because it is the one medium of art that connects us all. Growing up the only time I heard music was at church…but it wasn’t until high school when I formed my own taste.


What has the reaction been since the latest release?


It’s been going well…it’s getting a little bit more pointed where people are starting to understand what I want to do more.


Do you think art should be digitalized?


Depending on what it is…but I’d rather just frolic in a field!


One thing you would say to one of your fans?


Much love…more life!



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