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The first pop artist to use her own orgasm wave patterns in pop music, is back with “Tiny Boy”. The self-produced single has been in high demand since first teased in June at Von’s party series BLOODY MARY KO’s & KINK.

Merging live boxing with talents from sex workers, DJs and performers, Von’s built an underground kink community to always share with first. “I’ve always been inspired by misfits because I’ve always somewhat felt like one. For a long time I didn’t think there was a place to talk about the stuff I was writing about in my music. Kink communities are like a family. Relationships are based on trust, consent, communication and care. We’ve all experienced the side eye, eye roll, under the breath comment from someone or a lot of someone’s pertaining to our lifestyles, so banding together in that similarity feels super powerful. These communities have made me feel so seen, and safe and brave”. With lyrics like “pierce your tongue with a taser” and “name on your skull, new favorite engraver,” “Tiny Boy” leans into the anger of heartbreak with a fuck you and full force.

BLOODY MARY KOs & KINK, is the first underground NYC fetish party to merge live boxing. With artists like Pussy Riot, UNIIQU3, Pauli Cakes, DJ_Dave & more on the bill, this burgeoning underground community is making a name for itself.

“So many boxing spaces are super aggressively and toxically male. I know so many queer and femme identifying boxers that embody grittiness in a way higher intensity than most of the dudes I’ve boxed with. Making BLOODY MARY was about celebrating that roughness, with literal blood sweat and tears while proving that the rawest experiences are born out of trust. The merriment of fights with acts dominating the stage, DJs, dark rooms and kink attire really pulls together all of my favorite things in comradery.”

Von is the disrupter and is on a mission to change the way we talk about sex. “Making music with a vibrator is my trojan horse to having those conversations on a much, much wider scale.” Inspired by the political agenda of Peaches to Pussy Riot, she dedicates her time to making art that dismantles stereotypes about sex work, sexist agendas in entertainment and aversion to sex positive dialogues. With her pulsing percussion, sawtooth baselines under glittery synth riffs and genre-bending vocal treatments to make music that defines sexual confidence!



Photos / Adam Burack
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