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Dani Miller’s dream mosh, punk rock siren howl is a familiar one to the the streets of NY’s most up and coming scene. She’s a millennial Karen O meets Lydia Lunch  kind of girl that makes you want to fall in love with a twisted nightmare. In her no holds barred approach to life, accompanied by three her three power chords  to the wind rock band,  the Surfbort’s are a guiding light to the inner FUCK IT in all of us.
In a world full of blatant misogyny, scare tactic and nationalist ideas trying to seep through to the masses there is nothing else you can do but react and react hard. Dani says,
“Being in my 20’s in the trump era I found myself freaking out and reacting to everything in extreme ways. Kilgore our guitarist explained the following concept which birthed BACK to REACTION.
He said, ‘Two forces action and reaction. Reaction is less powerful because it empowers what it’s reacting to where action stands on its own. But in this political climate when you are painted into a corner you go back to reaction.. ‘ I connected with that so much and when I found myself screaming at the wall questioning wether I should make art, work all day at the coffee shop, march in protest, lay in bed and cry, call a representative, or scream at the moon the words back to reaction kept flying through my mind. Then I noticed Sean Powell our drummer has been practicing the art of “Back to Reaction, Back in Action” the entire time I have known him as well, when to act with a positive force? when to react to the darkness? that is the struggle.”
The struggle is real and “Back To Reaction” is here to riot us on.

photos / Jen Dessinger


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