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Taylor Upsahl is not here for your bullshit. Not just in her premiering today video for the bop of a song “Drugs” but life in general. Taylor who performs under the moniker of her last name UPSAHL, came into the music world fully swinging her artistic chops at a young age. The wunderkind has been playing guitar and piano since the age of five, she dropped her first EP at 14, and added festival experience to her resume while she was in high school…she just graduated by the way.
UPSAHL’s music serves as higher education for all of us. It’s full of hooks that dare you to take the chance, rather “Take it, take it, take it!” It’s music that plays in the background while you rip your clothes off and jump into the hotel pool you do not belong to with your best friends at 3am. They are young, voracious pop bops that don’t follow the typical formula.
“Drugs” metaphorical lyrics and video showcase the badass way the young artist navigates her life and career.
“I knew I wanted to make a house party video for Drugs, as that’s where the inspiration for the song came from. The whole point is that it’s a metaphor for dealing with fake people and superficial conversations, so we wanted to replicate that feeling throughout the video with fake and colorful “drugs.” Patrick Lawler, the director, did all of the special effects himself. He’s the shit, and this video is so dope!”



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