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Austin-based songstress Tameca Jones‘ video debut for her smash hit ‘Sandman’ premieres with us today with a steamy love story to accompany the neo-soul anthem which would make old school rock-n-roll proud, worthy of a Janis Joplin comparison.  
In ‘Sandman’ Tameca is a southern belle caught up in all the glam and lust of hot summer nights spent cruising in a convertible with a Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten crossbreed. Railroad tracks, overnight bags, bucket hats, kisses against the front porch and in the river fill her narrative as she makes her way through the murky nights with only her voice and some Jack Daniels and the arms of a man to reel her in. Cinematically it’s a beautiful fete, a film with lots of underlying stories and tempos and accompanied by Tameca’s powerful siren-like voice calling  into the night, “If my pillow could talk it would cry out his name…”
The video makes you long for a sequel where we can watch Tameca on her next adventure and her next sonic fete. They are both to behold.
Tameca says about the tune, “The song “Sandman” was my first sonically edible song to make.  This video is my first music video.  I think it is pretty cool how both of my firsts aligned like that. ”

Her debut EP, Naked is out now.


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