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photos / Landon Spears
Suno Deko’s chilling piano ballads and moody vocals create a quiet victory in the music world that is likened to a standing ovation with a silent clap. His music is one of craft harmonizing over a skilled arrangement of strings and composition.


“Wedding March” premiering today has a sinister undertone that gives a nod to the sexual revolutions happening in the LGBTQ communities everywhere. Decades after the AIDS stigma,  there is a real safe way to be as free as we want to be.


“More than anything the video represents being weird as you want and existing in the corners of the rooms of society, but ultimately escaping that into a new kind of freedom, ” the artist says, “‘Wedding March’ is one of the older songs that made it on the record but one that always held a particular power for me. It seems like it would be about romance but it’s actually just a giant question I was asking myself in the midst of a national conversation (2014-ish) about whether people like me should be allowed to marry. Which for the older white liberal gay and lesbian cis community was the last frontier of equality? But my question was whether or not I would ever even want that if that beacon of hereto culture was something I would ever want to participate in. And if the person I was with at the time was someone I could see myself binding myself to for eternity. And really wondering if he wanted that with me also: “in your whole life do you want me / so deep beneath the waves of who you know yourself to be?”




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