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Shaqdi is here with your summer slow jam “Obvious” off  her debut EP. The track brings forth all the nostalgia of top-down vintage lowriders, blunt smoke and cruising down streets lit with dim lamp posts leading the way straight into the anxiety of a lovelorn destination.   The Swedish born, London based songstress grew up training in classical piano and violin from age four before finding her voice in her signature  R&B chillwave.
The video for “Obvious” follows suit with its summer staples of friends, popsicles, rollerskates and nighttime mischief worthy of any time capsule. Shaqdi says of the reel.
“The idea for the video was kind of reverse as it came to me even before the track did. I knew I wanted to shoot a video roller skating with a bit of 70s vibe. The only problem, I’d never roller skated before in my life! Committed to the plan, I ordered a pair of red retro skates and went to the park every day for 2 months until I finally mastered it. During the practice runs, I wrote the backbone of the track. When the sun’s out you can still find me in my red retro skates in East London’s Victoria Park humming ideas for new tunes.”
Stay tuned with more hits from Shaqdi.




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