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Potty Mouth’s teenage feel-good punk rock anthems were ignited in the early aughts when Ally Einbinder (Bass), Abby Weems (Lead singer & Guitarist), and Victoria Mandanas (Drums), plugged in their amps and started rocking out. It was love at first note for these ladies.
Since then the band has gone on to be one of music’s most revered female-powered acts ala The Donna’s and Bikini Kill. Touring the nation and holding hordes of youngsters in the palms of their mosh pitted hands.
They don’t have the formula to speak of but with effective yet simple guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, Weems’ slight Jesus and the Mary Chain vocals, and a sound that exudes the nostalgia of listening to your favorite band and your favorite record store, Potty Mouth is a band we all need to treasure. 
We premiere their anti-Valentines day video for “Starry Eyes” and get to know some of their first loves.
What does love mean to you?
Ally: Love means feeling at home. Love means offering support selflessly. Love means the commitment to growth and patience.
What is something that has brought you guys closer together?
Victoria: Trials and tribulations.
Ally: Touring. When you’re on tour, you really have to learn how to coexist on an almost unnaturally intimate level. There is no privacy or option to retreat on tour; everything is done as a unit, and everyone is together all of the time. It’s hard not to get close with anyone when the conditions in which the majority of your time spent together is within the extremely confined space of a van. The success of the tour depends on the emotional health of the group, so you really have no choice but to do everything you can do to make sure you’re all looking out for each other.
Do you all like each other SO’s?
Abby: Yes! Our significant others are all our friends and love each other too!
Ally: Yes, it’s actually a rule. My bandmates are like my family and they know me better than most. I wouldn’t be able to date anyone they didn’t like. Luckily, that’s not an issue! Because our new album is coming out on my partner Alex’s label, Get Better Records, we are all in constant communication with one another. I am incredibly grateful to have a partner who supports my band’s goals fiercely and selflessly enough to work as hard as Alex works for us. We are all so lucky. And that’s love.
What are you gonna do tonight? (Valentine’s Day)
Abby: We’re playing a show with Broncho! I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to fake propose to me on stage.
What was the first song you fell in love with?
Ally: “Off Your Face” by My Bloody Valentine
Who was the first person you fell in love with?
Abby: Spock
Victoria: Elvis
Ally: Taylor Hanson (see attached love note written at age 8)
If you didn’t have music what would you be doing?
Abby: Some other form of art, probably photography or making music videos.
Ally: Getting my PhD in sociology.
Victoria: Playing tennis.
Who is the muse for “Starry Eyes”?
Abby: It’s about a pattern I have in romantic relationships. I feel like I never let myself fall super in love because there’s always a little voice in my head saying “what’s the point?” I’m still so young and have so much I want to do, it doesn’t feel realistic to be fully committed to another person. Obviously, I can’t stop myself from getting crushes and dating people, but the cynical side of me is always prepared for whatever life throws at me.
What are a few bands, actors, creatives, artists that you are in love with right now?
Annie Clark, Mitski, Dynasty Handbag, Chelsea Peretti, Skating Polly, Whatevernbd.
Have you ever written a love letter and send it? To who?
Ally: Yes, I wrote a love letter to Taylor Hanson when I was 8 years old! I recently unearthed it at my parents’ house. Here it is!


photos / Nazrin Massaro





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