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Photos/Kevin Neal

“Two sexist jerks told me to sit in a room and shut up while they wrote a hit for me,” says Phebe Starr as she illuminates for LADYGUNN the inspiration behind her track “They Keep Telling Me”. “It was humiliating and demoralized the purpose of creativity and the hard work I’ve put into creating a life filled with it. It’s horrible to have been treated as a stereotype or having to live up to one to be accepted. I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life.”
“They Keep Telling Me” is on Phebe’s 6 track EP, Chronicles, which dropped this past Friday.
“During the writing of this EP I was reflecting on where I grew up- Dorrigo, Australia- and how unique my childhood was. When it came to making video clips I wanted to capture the real raw feelings and emotions of my life experiences but I couldn’t seem to work out how to do that in a conventional way that was authentic. It wasn’t until I went home for Christmas that I stumbled across a box of home movies. I started to play around and edit them for fun. I was moved by the rawness of them. Home movies are so transparent. The next thing I knew I was making a series of videos for my EP… I guess this is something I always find myself doing, making art from whatever is around.”

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