VIDEO PREMIERE: Party Nails – "Blow Me Away"

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Party Nails is the joyous infused pop outfit of  L.A based Elana Belle Carroll. Her music is a vibrant mix of the 80s infused soundscapes under witty brooding lyrics on love, life and everything in between. She’s a crooner that bops and weaves through her songs in a way that makes you want to dance your whole life away. The “Blow Me Away” video directed by Davy Greenberg, is an intimate lo-fi performance that captures the spirit of Party Nails, a real emotionally-charged goddess that is not afraid to be blown away.
Elana says of the video, “We wanted to capture some of the energy of the live performance, especially of this song. We actually shot for a bunch of songs and did live sound as well. As usual, Davy was the chillest dude on the planet. I love working with him. On an emotional level, it’s ironic to me that the song is about being on the edge of completely falling apart, and that even this minimal video concept required such planning and precision. I never could have made this or any video in the state that I was in when I wrote this song.”
Damn, we feel you girl! Thanks for putting back the pieces for us to gander and rock out to. We appreciate it!




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