VIDEO PREMIERE: MAJKEN / "Where It All Begins"

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story / Koko Ntuen

You might already know Danish artist and beauty Majken Christensen. Majken, a painter, musician, dancer, filmmaker and photographer, acts as a general muse to her peers. Making music under her first name Majken, she played percussion for Tropical Nirvana, led by French singer songwriter Antoine Debarge. Under her own solo projects we found out that in addition to playing drums masterfully she has a ethereal  husky voice that draws you in to her artist world accompanied by wet guitar riffs that  is reminiscent of  old-school rock and roll with an indie-pop twist.  Her video for ‘Where It All Begins’ is directed by a LADYGUNN favorite, L.A. based photographer and director Shelby Duncan. The video is visually delightful with a whimsical narrative full of palm trees, polka dots and a love that only artists can experience.


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