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Madelin’s enchanting¬†voice and glitchy trap compositions are a melodic stream of pop that adds a wonderland element to the genre.¬† ¬†Madelin has been described as experimental, but her sound seems to transcend a plethora of classes and influences.¬† Her music is anintrospective dance party¬†that is uniquely ethereal, with elements of pop, indie, electronic and hip-hop. In her video¬†for the remix of¬†“Roxelana”, we get a dose of her chameleon¬†energy watching her shift shape¬†in a variety of herself while singing vulnerable pleas of pop realness. She says of the video,
The video for the Roxelana remix by Maxo was made on a rainy day in my Brooklyn apartment. The song is about coming to terms with the kind of person I am, while still striving to improve myself. It’s about harnessing my wild nature and balancing it with my more rigid and rational side. To bring that concept to life I created three looks; Me in my most raw state with hardly any makeup at all, me with flowers on half of my face representing my creative mind, and me with flowers on one side of my face and computer parts on the other, representing the harmonious amalgamation my right and left brain. In order to match the sped up sound of the song, I had to lip sync to it slowed way down. It was a study of controlled, intentional movement. I was acting in slow motion. The final product is a fluttering display of three sides of myself, expertly edited by Matthew Speno to follow each intricate rhythm of Maxo’s remix.”



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