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Kelsy Karter is an artist on the verge of a groundbreaking 2018. Her modern soul with current pop accents blend seamlessly to create head bopping, sing along, heart aching tracks. Her debut single “Too Many Hearts To Break,” was an explosive hit with over half a million streams within the first week. She’s landed on all the best playlist and it’s easy to hear why. The New Zealand, by way of Australia raised songstress landed in LA to pursue the Hollywood dream of bright lights and James Dean winding roads. She is a rebellious heart who would spend her day’s thrift shopping for the 50s and 60s clothing and made soul records from James Brown, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, the base for her music ethos and expression

Today we premiere “Easy Tiger” a sexy vintage pop cinema fete that has throwbacks to all your favorite greaser films. Starring and featuring Hudson Thames, one of  Hollywoods favorite babes right now, the song and video is a romantic seesaw that is both sexy and heartbreaking the whole watch. Kelsy gives relays some advice from her dad, “My Daddy always says that in any relationship, the person who cares less has all the power,” the artist muses,  “This song is about the push and pull of that. A boy that wants a girl, and a girl who’s pretending like she doesn’t want him back, when really…;)”

Bad Girl Sad Girl, set to drop Friday, May 18th

photos / Mcabe Gregg 


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