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Pulling from the popular campaign slogan heard throughout the 2016 presidential election, singer/songwriter Kashish releases, ‘Stronger Together,’ a raw and visual reaction to the current political climate. 

The video opens with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” A lone woman dances in an empty warehouse, as Kashish asks, “when did the world stop listening?” As the frame widens, she is joined by other dancers, and they pull each other into sync as Kashish repeats, “we are stronger together.” The singer eventually joins the dancers, and they end standing together, hopeful; with their eyes on the American flag.
Kashish, who performed at the Women’s March in New York City last month, said about the song, “’Stronger Together’ is a call to action to all those who feel isolated during this turbulent time. The song represents a hand reaching out and saying, “You are not alone, we will use our positive energy to fight this uphill battle together.”” She continued, “this idea is really embodied in the music video because it shows dancers reaching out to each other in order to get out of being stuck in despair and helplessness. My director, Sam Cowan and I wanted to make sure this video really displayed that concept to the audience because whether it is physically or spiritually connecting with someone, it is important we all remain united and work towards a better future.”
Watch the video below. All proceeds from the single are being donated to the ACLU and you can download it here.


Story/ Molly Bergin

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