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Photos/  Rob Loud

Story /  Kristy Benjamin

This video has such a natural & free feeling to it. A huge nod to your directors Lainy Black & India Lee, because it honestly feels like we are with you hanging out through one take! Knowing that this couldn’t be the case, can you tell us a bit about the shoot day and what it was like rocking out on the streets of Shepard’s Bush?
Props to Lainy and India for sure, that’s exactly what we were aiming for, and they made for a super easy time. We were going for a day to night seamless feel, colliding with a colorful and chaotic backdrop, which is definitely Shepard’s Bush.
Also, I think I felt somewhat easy because it was the first area I moved to when I came from Australia over a decade ago, so there was somewhat of a comfort zone. I knew the streets well so didn’t feel too outta place. And the directors are locals, so they knew exactly where to step in and out of. I think when there’s so much going on in one environment, you become part of the landscape pretty quickly, so although we were bustling around with a small camera crew there were no double takes as far as I could see!
What was it like working with two directors? Was it a collaborative process with the three of you from the start, or was the concept brought to you beforehand?
It was an idea I had and they made it all a little more concrete. It was important to me that there was a distinction made between the vibe on the first record, which swayed more towards desert highways and night skies, and this record, which has moved a little closer into the city. Working with 2 directors was a truly positive experience. We could all bounce ideas of each other. And I loved working with 2 young women, it made a big difference. There was definitely an ease and style I’d not experienced prior to. Also it helps that they’re cool as shit, so they were open to everything which made it fun!
We heard this song was produced and co-written by Brandon Flowers from The Killers. How did that come about?
I’ve been touring with Brandon and co for the good part of a decade, first with my band Howling Bells, we did a few tours supporting them and now as a solo artist. So the connection has been there for a while.
Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean the time, or opportunity has ever been there in terms of working together creatively. But on the last EU tour, I supported The Killers on it seemed like the right place, the right time to go there. Thankfully he dug the track and we very quickly went on to complete it and then produce/record it backstage.
More importantly, is it true this song was recorded backstage in Belgium vs. the rest of the album being recorded in Austin? Was this a spontaneous decision, or planned ahead of time?
Yeah for sure, I think it’s becoming quite clear to me that as a solo artist I like to get stuff done quick! Having released my first album America last year, I then had the chance to head back to one of my favorite cities and record album number 2, with Stuart Sikes. So the album was done and dusted, when the creative process showed to be fruitful, I had to figure out a way to get it added on to the album.
You have been on the road a lot lately, and with some pretty epic people (hello, Bryan Ferry!) It must be totally crazy cool to play so many different types of venues. That being said, if you had to pick, would it be a huge arena or small dive bar to play in?
I think The Killers got it down with huge arenas and then running off to play secret shows at dive bars for a select number of lucky fans. That’ll do me!
The full album is out this August, which is so exciting. What else can we expect from you next?!
I’m headed US way again late Oct, locking it all down as I type. So there should be some dates up on the website real soon. And then who knows! At this rate there may be another album out before the end of the year…..(kidding of course)

Until The Lights Fade,’ out August 31 on Nude Records/Handwritten Records. 



8th July   TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow
14th July   Latitude Festival, Southwold
20th July   Spain, Benicassim Festival
24th July   Finland, Helsinki Arena (with The Killers)
26th July   Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Rockhal (with The Killers)
18th August   Green Man Festival, Crickhowell





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