VIDEO PREMIERE: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas / “Caught Up”

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photo / Nicole Muster
story / Koko Ntuen

Detroit based rockers Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas might be the best way to represent the city known for its raw and genuine music genres. Detroit has always had an unparalleled energy with the music that comes out of it, whether it be rock ‘n’ roll, r+b, soul, jazz or big band there is always an added element of vigor and love that coats the chords. Jessica & The Deltas encompass all of those things in a way that  that goes beyond  any label one might try to pin on them. All I can tell you is that when you listen to them you are rocking out, or jamming out, gothing out or getting really emo, (their song “Dead Brains” makes me cry every time). There are so many layers to their music and the skills to which they play that the only thing you can really do when listening is have a good time.
You can hear the music sake in their craft and it will fill your heart for nostalgia of the days you first started loving live music in your hometown. The days of listening to good unfiltered music in cars and bars, having crushes on the local rock gods and wanting to be one of the cool girls they had crushes on. Jessica is one of those girls. With her big voice, dark hair and gothy-rockabilly demeanor, she definitely has every crushy vibe element you can have.
Jessica Hernandez &The Deltas have been making sweet music and  names for themselves in their local music circuit and are about to set the stage for bigger things. With their upcoming tour  and digital EP DEMONS making the rounds and iTunes playlists of music lovers everywhere we have a feeling you will be getting down with this band soon.
With their latest tour underway  and their worldwide fanbase just around the corner we asked Jessica some questions about her sexy new video “Caught Up”, tour life and Detroit.

What was it like making the video for Caught Up?
Pretty funny. Most of the video was shot on a phone in a hotel room while I was on a trip out in New York. I had shot some stuff with my friend tony for the video and it was great but I felt like I wanted more of my personality in it but wasn’t sure how to do it. I was laying around my hotel room one night and just started messing with intense lighting and filming myself dancing and doing weird shit. I showed it to some friends and to our label the next day as a funny thing and everyone loved it so we went with it!
Your aesthetic for videos is very old school The Munsters meets Grease. What kind of movies or shows do you watch today? What do you watch for inspiration?
That’s pretty funny you say that because I love grease and the munsters ha. I love everything creepy and eerie and I also love a lot of old musicals. I’ve also always really loved Tim burton and David lynch. It’s weird though because I’m the biggest chicken and I can’t watch anything remotely scary but anytime I create anything I want it to creep people out.
How did you meet the Delta’s. Do you and the Deltas have any rituals?
I’ve met them all at different points, and in the past the deltas were this ever evolving group of amazing friends from home. Now the band is more solid and the guys are all great friends from Detroit. Our rituals are always changing. Most recently we’ve been listening to cannibal corpse to get pumped up ha.
How did you get hooked up with Instant Records?
My manager had known Richard from the past and had sent some songs over to him and everyone at instant. At the time I was thinking of doing a self release when Richard came out to a show of ours in la. He was so great and sincere and excited about that band that I couldn’t say no and was super excited to work with him and everyone over there.
What is your vice on tour?
Hm we all have a few. I can’t say my bad ones on the internet haha so I’ll say hoarding. I find way too much rad stuff at swap meets and flea markets and yard sales and I can never pass it up.
What is your favorite part about touring?
Seeing how happy you can be with a group of people when you’re getting by on barely anything but doing what you love. One of my favorite tour moments is pushing the beds together in this grimy motel and all 6 of us smashed together and ate so many munchies and watched a movie together. It makes you appreciate the small stuff for sure.
Is there a difference in your preparation when you go from playing venue to big festivals?
What is your favorite part about festival life?
Yah the band and I kind of go off of the vibe of the crowd and their mood. We try to give the same show though regardless of if there are 5 people or 5000. Festivals are always the best for people watching. It’s way different than a regular show because people at festivals are on these life vacations and have no inhibitions and are just fully into the music. It’s just a different cool energy that you don’t always see when you are playing normal shows.
What do you always pack on tour?
– throat coat tea
– emergen c
– like 50 pairs of underwear
– ear plugs
– a sleep mask that my mom bought me that is silk with pink feathers and says diva. The guys like to borrow it.
What do you always buy on tour?
– Heath bars
– beef jerky
– socks
Describe Detroit in 3 words.
– resilient
– original
– diverse
What is the music scene like in Detroit?
It’s all over the place and it’s super accepting of every kind of music. All the scenes blend together since the scene is so small. It makes it unlike any other place. There is a lot of love there.
What is it like playing in Detroit?
Like home.
Tell us a good place to see music in Detorit.
The Magic Stick, PJs Lager House or any house party.
You are first generation? Where are your parents from?
My father was born in Havana, Cuba and my mom was actually born in Detroit.
First thing that comes to mind when we say rock’n’roll?

Tour Dates

2/19 – San Francisco / The Independent, w/ Allen Stone
2/20 – Los Angeles, CA / The Echo, w/ Allen Stone
3/7 – Norfolk, VA / The Norva
3/8 – Charlotte, NC / The Evening Muse
3/9 – Atlanta, GA Vinyl
3/12 – 3/15 – Austin, TX / SXSW
3/19 – Scottsdale, AZ / The Western
3/21 – Palm Desert, CA / The Hood Bar
3/22 – Santa Ana, CA / Burgerama III
3/27 – Mexico City, MX / Vive Latino Festival
5/3 – Tampa, FL / Big Guava Music Festival
5/31 – Nelsonville, OH / Nelsonville Music Festival
7/19 – Willamina, OR / Wildwood Music Festival






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