VIDEO PREMIERE: Jacqueline Loor – Show Them (Official Music Video)

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Tenerife—a volcano erupts…a sparrow flutters.


Growing up in an all-girls Catholic school was the reality for Jacqueline Loor, the pop artist whose latest release Show Them acts as a testament to empowerment via courageous ballads that preach a hopeful undertone. At age 40, the album is a revamp after years without singing. Naturally, Sister Regina…the nun with a hackneyed policy towards boys educated the stylized glamour that revibrates throughout the album.


Dedicated to her sister, Show Them provides the strength necessary to consider packing the bags this season. Successfully rediscovering herself through moments of clarity, Jacqueline recently came to reappreciate her proclivity for music on the Spanish island of Tenerife, and choosing with careful intent, Jacqueline provides the sonic commentary for a relationship in its uncertainty, weaving a thread seamlessly throughout the course of the thirteen singles. An album that candidly celebrates the messiness of relationships in their potency, offering a soundtrack that is hopeful yet void of cheese.


“With every single release I felt like I was learning and figuring out my message.”


Says Jacqueline when asked about her latest discography. Resulting from the calamity of her sisters 15-year relationship, a relationship heavily steeped in toxicity. Jacqueline’s music is heavily influenced by her sister’s journey, and a memorial grid is traced by a lyricism that is bold and with a grid that delves into relationships from their conception to their finish. Proverbial and unashamed, the tracks invertedly speak with the literal tone of voice that quells with an early 000’s assertion…” you can go sideways or you can go my way.”


A Miami native with strong Latino heritage, Jacqueline sings in both English and Spanish inspiring the cross-cultural mis en scene for her sound.


Singing was discovered at an early age, however a cynicism swiftly ashed out the cigarette of aspiration towards Jacqueline’s early career, and after many years of neglect, a voice has shamelessly been rekindled.


“I had to work and learn my instrument”


A surprising fact that surfaced when thinking about all the artists who seem to rely on pure talent.


Do you have any regrets?




Chimed the sparrow…


“All these things that have happened I don’t regret any of it.”


Regret…the dish best served warm seems to make no reference throughout the tracks, and Jacqueline celebrates via an intrepid cacophony of melodic prose.


Vulnerability, the theme being revisited and frequently explored amongst contemporaries was another theme that was exposed during our conversation, vulnerability that yearns towards a greater level of humility. Humility that could act as the sentiment that can inspire her future work. A vulnerability although quotably discomforting, sets the blueprint for Jacqueline’s sound and is the underlying chord that softly hums throughout.


With the inevitability of change, the vulnerability explored by Jacqueline is uncommon within pop where softness is often reserved. ‘Coming Undone’ alludes to the fact that “we’ve been sleeping too long” …waking us up to the possibility of new style choices creating greater space within the arena of pop music. The remix offers a variant to the original track and pulsates with tectonic rhythm and sharp vocals.




“There’s something perfect about the imperfect…”


Celebratory imperfection with a hint of nostalgia…



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