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Memphis-based singer, Grace Askew, premieres the video for her new track, “Warrior,” and gives LADYGUNN a glimpse behind the scenes. Askew depicts for us the video production experience: “MWAfilms and I shot for three nights in a row, most nights ending around 2 AM and it’s almost as if the delirium of the sleep deprivation and the repetitive nature of the shoot helped me get more into a maniacal, crazed warrior mode. I was ready to deliver, but each time we got another take with the bonfire at my back getting doused with more and more mason jars of diesel…..I got more and more into character and the lyrics became realer and realer. It’s a very primal, animalistic feeling to completely let yourself go like that; delving into the deeper, darker pockets of yourself and what you’ve created.”

I wrote this when I re-kindled an old relationship about 2 years ago,” Askew explained when asked about the inspiration behind the track. “It fell apart, but at the time I was determined to make it work and fight for us, no matter what others were saying and no matter how painful it got for me…obviously it got to be too much and too dysfunctional. I now consider it to be more of a spiritual message, fighting for my God, however I perceive that Higher Power to be connected to my life each day.”
“Warrior” is the title-track of her forthcoming EP which is slated for an early 2018 release.




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