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Jenni Cochran and Aaron Craker of Frederick the Younger refer to themselves as a “groovy, garage-pop” duo – which could not be more accurate. Listening to them feels like you’re hanging out with friends while they tune their guitars or try out melodies they’re working on.


Their vibe is authentic and relaxed, which is exactly what the universe could use a bit more of right now.


Their brand new video, which premieres exclusively on LADYGUNN today, takes this authenticity to the next level. Videographer and editor Matt Fulks captures Frederick the Younger performing their unreleased song “Everyone’s Changing” live from La La Land studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

Check out the video below as well as our conversation with the band about the inspiration behind the song and their excitement for their upcoming tour.


I love the vibe of this video! Very warm, retro, and simple. Talk a bit about the process behind creating it. What inspired you? How involved were you both in the process?


Thanks! We really wanted to do a live video to capture the energy of the song. We saw some videos Matt Fulks (the videographer) did of our friends Houndmouth and we loved them and asked if he’d be interested in working with us.


We knew we wanted to shoot it at La La Land in Louisville, KY because it has a great retro aesthetic, its very “vibey” with all the lamps and warm lighting and the studio sounds great. Everything else was Matt. He shot, edited and captured exactly the vibe we were going for.


How do you write songs? Do you write together or separately?


We’ll work on a song separately until we have the foundation (melody, chord progression). Then we’ll bring it to the other person and bounce ideas off of them. Aaron will give me advice on what he thinks works well and what we should change and vice versa. Then we’ll work together to flesh out the song and work through arrangements and textures.


You’re going on tour in December! What’s your favorite part of touring/performing live?


I love the energy of performing live and how every show is a little bit different. You never know exactly what’s going to happen. I love seeing what songs people connect with. I love the adventure of jumping around to different cities, experiencing a slice of life in that city and then hopping to the next one. I love how fast-paced being on the road is and how the intensity bonds you to your bandmates. I love all the funny things that happen on the road – we get pretty silly and ridiculous.


What’s next for Frederick the Younger? Any exciting projects coming up?


We are going to be hitting the road hard next year so keep an eye out! We’re going to release an EP that we’re very excited to share. And we’ll release some more videos. Stay tuned!


Check out Frederick the Younger’s December tour dates here.

PHOTO / Anna Lee Roeder 




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