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Brooklyn’s latest export to the top of the charts comes in the form of a long-haired quirky songster that croons out pop hits worthy of the millions of plays he has garnered. Franke first took over the music world with “Home Alone,” a cemented club smash that was crafted in the comfort of his own abode.
Franke does a special mix of flirtatious trap pop that leaves you lovesick and thinking he is singing right to you. In his video for “pay for LOVE”, premiering today, the song comes alive with the use of vibrant colors, bright lights, and a heartfelt performance.
Check out the video as well as our interview below.

Have you ever paid for love? Doesn’t have to be monetary payment, could be with your soul, time, etc.


We all pay for love in some way.


How did it feel like to watch the #’s of your songs climb to the charts?


I haven’t done shit yet. I’m just getting warmed up.


You really tap into the dating life of most of us these days a la “Girl From L.A”. Can you tell us about the weirdest date you ever went on?


A girl cried when I poured a glass of water for her. She said she’d never been treated so nice.


Are you a heartbreaker or a heartbreakee?


Unfortunately, and fortunately the latter.


You crafted “Home Alone” in your bedroom. Where do you craft most of your songs these days? Where is your favorite place to make music?


At home, with complete silence and no one else around.


What are you listening to right now?


Frank Sinatra and Billie Eilish.


What has been your favorite part of your life since gaining popularity with your music?


Meeting other dope artists.


What were your favorite songs to sing along to when you were a budding musician?


Frank Sinatra.


What is next for you?




Who has been your biggest muse? What about the biggest inspiration?


A girl that I was with for a few months, five years ago.



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