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Flor, the Los Angeles-based indie pop band that has made waves in their short time on the scene, debuts the music video for their new single, OVERBEHIND. Fresh off their debut album, come out. you’re hiding the single is gives you the perfect picture of their modern electric vibes.
Singer/guitarist Zach Grace, bassist Dylan Bauld, guitarist McKinley Kitts, and drummer Kyle Hill first started making music together as teenagers in their hometown of Hood River, Oregon. come out. you’re hiding was recorded in Bauld’s bedroom studio, and it’s tracks are full of that true intimacy.The album culminates in OVERBEHIND, an uplifting and assured final track.
“Making this album has really been about me coming out of my shell and getting over whatever block I have about letting people know what’s going on in my head,” Grace, who serves as the chief lyricist explains, “a lot of people probably struggle with believing in themselves in that way, and the album’s a testament to overcoming that”
Watch the video for the debut single below:

Story by Nina Garay
Photo by Catherine Powell via Instagram @flor

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