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You Walking Dead fans might not know this, but actress Emily Kinney — who portrayed beloved Beth Greene on the hit AMC show — doesn’t really fight zombies in real life… but she does rock out like the rising indie-pop star she is.
Premiering exclusive here on LADYGUNN today, Kinney’s “Molly” is a contagious retro indie-rock bop, all sunny guitar riffs and sticky, earworm melodies that are sure to get lodged in your brain just in time for those sweet summer flings.
Oh I know about Molly cause she told my friend / That she was hooking up with you on the weekend,” the blonde singer-songwriter croons on the accompanying upbeat video, which sees Kinney and her pals romping about the grounds of a carnival. As the peppy songstress rides the bumper cars and wins a giant stuffed monkey, she slams that scheming Molly and her no-good boyfriend — now, ex-boyfriend. (Go girl!)
“This is a fun, silly song about a shitty situation. Unfortunately, there really was Molly in real life who stole away my cute boyfriend,” the artist reveals of the track, adding, “Luckily, it didn’t keep me down for long!”
Kinney’s video, as she tell us, was shot at the Indiana State Fair: “The first version was shot on my iPhone during a national tour to promote my album, This Is War. The musicians in the video and I became really close and we had been working on a little video of us on the road lip-syncing to ‘Molly’ in the van and backstage. It was cool, and we decided we wanted to share [it] with the world, but the video was not such great quality. So I asked my super awesome director friend, Peter, to come along with us to the fair and help me make a video with the same feeling as my iPhone tour video. This one is less about Molly, and more about me and my bandmates having fun, being silly, and loving being together and playing music.”
It’s an upbeat, optimistic clip for an unbothered break-up anthem dripping in saccharine kiss-offs… just the way we like it. Watch above.
And if you wanna watch Emily Kinney perform live so you can sing along to “Molly” yourself, Californians rejoice! You can catch her all this week out on the road for her This Is War: California In-Store Tour, dates below:
4/27 — Long Beach — Fingerprints
4/28 — Ventura — Salzer
4/29 — San Jose — Streetlight
4/30 — Sacramento — Dimple Records

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