VIDEO PREMIERE: Crimson Apple – "Somebody"

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4 sisters might sound like a band of witches but 4 sisters with a band called Crimson Apple is even witchy(er). The rock goddesses reside in LA and their debut album Hello caused a whirlwind of fandom from coast to coast. They completed a successful run on the High School Nation Tour this past fall, and are returning for an additional run later this month.


Today we premiere the rock solidified “Somebody”, that will make you feel like you own your skin.


The girls say about the song, “Somebody” is a song about the raw human emotion of longing to find your place in the world, even if it’s just for a moment. The song was co-written and produced with the esteemed Japanese producer, Satoru Hiraide, creating a unique blend of American-pop and Japanese rock-influenced sounds. The song was initially inspired by our dream to pursue music together, so the “Somebody” music video really captures the essence of our bond, both as sisters and as artists.”


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