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John Lennon would date Chase Cohl, hell he would pursue her to no end. And if he heard her homage like track “Stay Down” I guarantee he would ask for her hand.
It’s hard not to go back in time with Chase as watching and listening to her is like a velvet lined blast from the past. Drawing on inspirations from the free love era, Laurel Canyon, and dancing barefoot in the warm wind,  the songstress just finished recording her debut album at the recently re-opened time capsule which served as the site for the seminal recordings of Elvis and The Beach Boys, Valentine Studios in LA alongside producer Loren Humphry.
Today we premiere the enchanting video for her heart string pulling anthem “Stay Down”. Chase’s raw yet resolute voice and honesty in every note make her a timeless treasure.
Chase’s debut album is out on March 9th.
What does this song mean to you? What was the inspiration behind it?
This song is a letter. My heart had been hurt by someone I really cared for and, like so many people, I was left without resolution. After months of waiting for an apology, I realized it was never going to come, not in the way that I wanted at least. So I wrote “Stay Down”, to be that absolutely perfect apology, from the man’s perspective, and in that process, I was able to let go of all the pain I had been clinging to.
 What do you hope people take away when hearing it?
As is the case with so much of my music, I hope that people simply find a moment of connection, some sort of minuscule moment of realization that they’re not totally alone in whatever difficulties they face. The special thing about this song though, is that it reflects a really important lesson that I’ve acquired, which is how to self-soothe. I think as an adult that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, to learn that. We go through childhood knowing with certainty when we are sad or down there will always be someone to pick us up. As adults, that is not always the case, so you need to learn to pick yourself up, give yourself a hug, and keep it moving.
What do we have to look forward to next from you?
So much more music. I am releasing my first full-length record, Far Away and Gone, in mid-March, and getting back in the studio in April to record a side project sort of girl group album I’ve been writing with this incredible old blues pianist. I also did a series of collaborative music videos with a beautiful fashion brand called Dôen, and have more music videos and shows coming up. I’m trying to just create and release as much as humanly possible in 2018.



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