VIDEO PREMIERE: Charlene Soraia – "Where's My Tribe"

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English singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia’s weaves an intoxicating tale on her latest single, the swirling, melodic “Where’s My Tribe.”
A moody alt-folk ballad that captures the sense of feeling off-track, alone and losing one’s sense of self and purpose in the wide, complicated expanse of life. It’s a vibe highly resonant for the complexities of the culture in 2018, and perfect for playing while curled up on your couch with a hot cup of herbal tea. Long story short: It speaks straight to the soul.
The music video, premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN today, is equally stirring, featuring a group of diverse young people as they navigate the lonely, uncertain ups and downs of an ordinary day.
“When I met up with the guys from [film company] The Rest, we originally intended to create three music videos, but after discussing the concepts that run throughout the album, we soon realized it would be way more interesting to explore this feeling of ‘separatism’ by having a short film where tracks from the record weave in and out as a posed to 3 separate videos. To join/ bind/connect them as one despite them being isolated and independent tracks—a true reflection of the record as a whole,” Soraia shares of the concept.
“They were really understanding of the fact that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with being the main protagonist, so they developed the film to explore the enmeshed and entwined lives of a tribe of teenagers. The Rest likened me to a silent observer in the film and it’s a title I instantly connected to,” she continues. “Maybe there’s a little silent observer in all of us? A little loner… maybe those who have these experiences are the tribe? The loners, the lost, the explorers of the unknown. Maybe because we’ve been longing to belong to something, we haven’t noticed we’ve been a part [of something] all along because of our silence?”
“Where’s My Tribe” is the title track off Soraia’s upcoming new album, due out in 2019. Watch the music video, above.

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