VIDEO PREMIERE: BAYLi – "Mr & Mrs. Smith" (Ying & Yang Versions)

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Brooklyn native BAYLi’s music has transcended any genre you might want to fit her into, all the while fusing all the greatest parts of her sound into one whirlwind of super jams in an explosive way we haven’t seen since No Doubt came unto the scene. The former frontwoman of The Skins was the reigning babe of playlists and it seems like she will only accelerate faster into the fall.


In her latest music videos, levated ideas of complexity are at the forefront of her smash hit single “Mr & Mrs. Smith”. In true artist savant nature, the songstress created TWO videos to accompany the track each with a member of the opposite sex behind the lens.


BAYLi calls “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” her version of Bonnie & Clyde. “Mr & Mrs Smith is about the duality of the human experience,” she goes on to say, ” We all encounter opposing and complementary forces; light, dark; male, female; sometimes at work, within ourselves, in relationships, and everywhere in life’s journey. I wanted to create two videos for this song, one is directed by a talented female Filmmaker and one by a male filmmaker. One is tonally darker the other light.  Which one do you relate to? Which one is Mr, which one is Mrs. I bet you have parts of you in both…I sure do.”


We talk with BAYLi about her music, breaking out on her own and finding her balance in the maddness of it all.
Mr + Mrs. Smith (yin): 
Mr. + Mrs. Smith (yang) : 

What has been the hardest part of the transition from playing with a group to having a solo act?


The hardest part for me is that when I’m playing a show I have to go out there on my own – there’s no one hyping me up, or feeding me energy – there’s no question asking – when it comes to making a decision, business or creative, I’ve had to trust my instinct – a hard thing to master but I hope rewarding in the long run.


Can you tell us about your name?


My stage name is my REAL name. And yes! It is spelled weird. My mom is a  (city) hippie.


Your music has a nice fuse of a variety of genres, à la No Doubt, what types of music and/or people influence you?


Icons influence me. I don’t really have favorites but as last but I love music that is touching and that makes you feel so much that it’s uncomfortable.


What’s your favorite part of Brooklyn?




Did growing up in the city inspire your artistry?


Yes, the city is so broad and colorful and free flowing and so am I. New York City, and Brooklyn specifically, shaped me in every way and that is why my sound is so universal.


Did you have an “AHA” moment when you began making music that felt like it was your sound?


 I still don’t feel as though I’ve found “my sound”, but thank you for having so much faith in me.. 🙂 my sound has been an evolution thus far.


What makes a good producer?


A good producer and just a good collaborator. Someone who as a deep understanding of their fellow artists and is confident to stand by their

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
In 5 years
I hope I’ve written a masterpiece. Just one…for now.


Do you have mantras?


When I have a challenging task at hand sometimes I think about my mom and my grandma and all the Amazing women who worked danced and fought before me. Sometimes I’m just thanking God that I didn’t get a hangover after a rough night…


When do you feel the most creative?


When I’m not depressed.


How would you describe the “music scene”?


Right now….I would describe the music scene as….Chunky.


What is your hope for the music put you put out?


I hope the music I put out makes you want to snatch someone’s wig and then snatch YOUR OWN wig.


Who would you love to tour with?


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