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I’m just gonna throw this out there that if you haven’t already heard electro-pop trio A R I Z O N A’s debut album, “Gallery” released in 2017, then you are missing out on possibly one of the most perfect albums ever. Also, if you haven’t heard of A R I Z O N A at all, now’s the time to get with it and uncover some of the best music from one of the most underrated bands currently on the scene….  
You’d think that having to follow up such a perfect album like “Gallery,” that any band would basically have a meltdown due to the pressure of having to top it — but our favorite Jersey boys are back with new music, and so far they haven’t let us down!

Last month they released the double single, “Summer Days” along with “Freaking Out,” which dominated the viral charts and drilled its’ way down into people’s ears and into their hearts. This time, the guys are returning with a stellar visual to match the 80’s vibes of yet another earworm banger, “What She Wants,” a major throwback to the amazing 1983 dance film, “Flashdance,” featuring dancer Jessica Castro who has danced with Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Black Eyed Peas and appeared on TV shows like Glee and all the cool things!

I won’t try to describe the video, because I think it basically speaks for itself. As a lover of all things 80’s, the pairing of the song with the visual couldn’t be more perfect.

Lead singer Zachary Charles says of the video:

“Over the course of the past two years or so, the most amazing part of sending our music into the world has been watching how deeply people associate with it on a personal level, and how much they really make it their own. In realizing this, we found a love of writing from more of a third person perspective, as a way to more freely tell the story of the different characters that exist in all of us.“What She Wants” is a look into the life of a young girl who doesn’t have many people in her life that truly understand her, and maybe is still unsure herself of who she really is. She lives weekend to weekend, concert to concert, and her whole life revolves around the romance of her idols, the dancing, the music, the culture – all the things that make her feel like she can be someone she wants to be. She’s the girl with a sort of magical magnetic field around her in the crowd, and if you float into it, you’ll talk and dance for hours – and maybe never see her again. For the listener, this is the classic drama of a young heart searching to know something real, in a world where it’s often safer to stick to playing the part you dress up for.”

“The video we put together in collaboration with our good friend, and extremely intuitive director, Jay Sansone (Human Being Media), is an interesting take on our version of a classic 1980’s dance montage in film. Jessica Castro is a phenomenal dancer and artist in her own right, who brought truly an electric presence to this as a whole through her intense performance. Cinematically speaking for that era, the image that can get used time and again is the all-American girl-next-door with big curly blonde hair. As an incredibly culturally diverse group ourselves, and with the world having still such a long way still to go in accepting the breaking of stereotypes involving both culture and gender in the arts and otherwise, we thought it would not only be fun, but also important to lend our hand in revisiting that image in a modern light. Having this piece be focused on the wild talents of such an inspiring and powerful lead like Jessica has just been such a great part of this for us. It’s always an incredible pleasure to work with anyone who has such great vision and execution as the team for this project did,” he adds.





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