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Hotel California, the third album by LA rapper Tyga, is being released this Tuesday, April 9th. Exploring the golden era of early 90s West Coast hip-hop, the 15-track album also features notable artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Chris Brown, Game, 2 Chainz, the list goes on from Hip Hop’s biggest superstars. The track “Hit ‘Em Up” even features unreleased vocals from Tupac, but it’s not a remake of the Tupac song by the same name. And to increase momentum for the release of Hotel California, Tyga just released the official video for “Molly” an unapologetic ode to looking for, you know what, which features, Taylor Gang Boss, Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mall. Tyga is a young reckless prince in this song rapping through his very expensive grill,
Can’t fall in love I got options
I’m high school that’s college
King gold chain, that’s not a thang
That green yeah I got it
I show up in the party”
Like where the fuck that molly

Wiz’s lyrics are a great accompany to the track with versus like, “And my bitch so bad that I’m never ever cheating“, “Me and TY getting gnarly when we pull up to the party,”
It’s a perfect song for a night out on the town when you are about to get into some really crazy stuff. Just be careful kids!

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