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“So I hear you’re wondering why I left, think it’s time I got this off my chest / Couple things I wanted to address with you, with you, No discussion when I tried my best, ain’t no helping you / You a mess, it’s a wrap yo it ain’t no test”. 

This is one of the fragments of Tucker Nichol third’s single that will be part of her next album, “Too close to home”. In it, the Former Miss Tennessee USA opens up on the subject of toxic relationships affecting the mental health of people who suffer from it. Conceptually, Nichol has been taking this topic very seriously, tackling it continually, such as with her previous single “Over the Edge”, a powerful song for a confident woman who understands that love is not pain.


When the manipulator “plays dumb” or acts confused about why the person they’re abusing no longer wishes to speak to them Tucker recognizes this as just another form of manipulation meant to make her question her gut instincts (gaslighting). The situation this describes is something delicate and which a lot of people may recognize themselves in, but it also bears mentioning that while these sorts of situations can happen in every type of relationship, the one that inspired these lyrics are clearly not the romantic kind, as Nichol proudly admits to being happily married.


Raised in the musical vernacular of Detroit’s Motown and Nashville’s country/blues/etc. Nichol had a vibrant set of influences that taught her to appreciate different sounds, traditions, and the life experiences that made them happen. It would be the music of artists like Carrie Underwood, Amy Winehouse, and Mariah Carey that would eventually inspire and shape Nichol’s style into the pop-infused R&B powerhouse we have with us here today.


“This is why” gets off to a strong start with a very modern R&B style where Tucker’s powerful voice can shine and command your attention from start to finish, and this is just undeniable evidence that Tucker is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Her style is very modern and fresh, but you can appreciate a long line of influential singers coming together through her own gorgeous vocals and undeniable vision.


Story: Mariana González Photos: Courtesy of the artist





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