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In today’s culture, the evolution of technology is a widely discussed topic, often dominating many dinner tables. But urban pop artist TRISHES released a video for her song ‘Saraswati’ last month that encapsulates a perhaps lesser known conversation. How has our perception of self evolved in this society? How is our ego affected?

Self-awareness in this digital age is skewed, no doubt, but the perspectives with which we build our reality are often solely based on mirrors, photographs, and videos. Accompanying a moving, thunderous song, TRISHES captures our self-induced tug of war in this stunning visual:

Created entirely by herself, videographer Tamara Arroba, and choreographer Kalbe Isaacson, the three women depict the different perspectives that we use to formulate a concept of reality. All costumes were made with the intent to accentuate movement by LA based designer Alex Benaim from her Moroccan clothing brand, Kin Amora.

The video begins with Isaacson contorting herself to portray a certain image on her phone; TRISHES enters, masked, representing love and death; and in time, the mirrors unveil director Arroba filming the scene. The concepts and aesthetics in ‘Saraswati’ beg the question: if not technology, what should be constructing our sense of self?

“We use our environment to reflect ourselves; we learn who we are through the context of other.” TRISHES comments. “A lot of what reflects us may not reflect us accurately – like a funhouse mirror or a ripple in a pond reflection. For now I’ve come to the conclusion that true self awareness comes from our relationship  to love and death.”

Contributing to the ever flowing conversation of the human psyche in her latest EP, TRISHES is proving to be one of the most compelling and innovative multidisciplinary artists of our time. Through TRISHES’ five song EP ‘Ego,’ visitors will experience an immersive art experience named after what Freud described as the conscious self. The Ego Experience focuses on five things humanity has developed to separate ourselves from our primal selves, but ultimately fall short as we have not yet reached our divine selves: government, money, creativity, language and self-awareness. Complete with a guided audio tour, the Ego Experience contains four videos, spoken word pieces and a fifteen piece art collection from local artists that express each creator’s relationship with these five topics.

Stay tuned for more music, art, and experiences from TRISHES in the new year. We know we will.



photos / Jenny Desrosiers

stylist / Alex Benaim

clothing / Kin Amora

story / Ariana Tibi

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