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photos / Jerome Corpuz 

Tyne hails from the influential music bed of England, adding brilliantly to the soundscape of the intelligent earnest music with her bellowing sprite voice which floats over sweet chambers of pop melodies. She most recently toured with PVRIS on their Nov 2017 UK sold out headline tour and collected adoring fans along the way eager for TYNE’s debut EP being released April 20th.
Her first single “Crawl” has amassed over 2+ million streams on Spotify and opened the door for praises and strong accolades from music’s biggest honchos.  Today she shares her new track “I’d Like That”  gives us the inside scoop of rising to the top of the charts.


Tell us how you got into music?

I’ve always played piano and sung but in year 8, we did a band competition at school. That’s when I figured out doing both at the same time was better, and I was alright at it. Since then I haven’t stopped.

Did you expect “Crawl”  to blow up like it did?What did you do when you got over 2 million streams?

I knew “Crawl “was different. I think I knew that, hopefully, a lot of people would understand and relate to the song. In that sense yes, but in the sense that so many people have listened and enjoyed the song, no, I don’t think I’ll ever believe it.

I screamed. A lot.

What has been the hardest and easiest part about pursuing your dreams?

The easiest part is the music, which will never be a job to me. The hardest part is both trying to explain it to others around me and also making it happen without a system or instructions if that makes sense.

Who is the muse for  “I’d like that”?

The muse is my boyfriend, Josh.

‘I’d Like That’ stemmed from a moment of deeper understanding about another person. It’s sometimes difficult to be mature in arguments but this one ended in a higher appreciation for each other and more knowledge of how to help, not how to hate.

Tell us about Cambridge?

Cambridge is beautiful. That’s the word I hear most about it. However, among my age group it’s also called boring but so is anywhere you’ve been in for a long time.

I unwind with my mates, at the pub with a pint or just walking about. The simple things, ey?

What was the vibe like starting out your music there?

I wouldn’t say Cambridge is the best place to get your name out as a musician. It is incredibly supportive, don’t get me wrong, but just venues and collaborations don’t spring up everywhere.

I started in a band competition when I was around 13, I won the under-18s and then the wider brackets too (to my surprise). This was great in getting me into local gigs and eventually lead to meeting Tom Simkins at BBC introducing Cambs. He is an unbelievably great supporter of new music and I will be forever grateful for his help.

What are some of your favorite milestones and moments you’ve had so far?

Playing Brixton Academy in front of a great crowd. Having a wonderful team around me. Becoming able to ‘say my piece’ in meetings and sessions.  Supporting an awesome band (PVRIS) on their UK tour. Playing on the rooftop of the Philadelphia Library for Sofar Sounds.  Collaborating with Burberry, in my own back garden.

Do you like social media?

For the most part, yes.

Tell us a mantra for the people!

Stay golden, kids



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