TRACK PREMIERE: Taska Black – "Losing Our Minds" feat. Nevve

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photos / David Vernaglione

Taska’s upcoming Minds EP, is slated for release this November. The young artist put his struggles with mental health issues at the forefront of his music-making anxiety and stress an inspiration behind the EP.
For “Losing Our Minds” premiering today, the song urges listeners to stand still for the moment and enjoy what they have– it’s a critical examination of the narrative.
The artist says, “I realized that it was more important to make sure you enjoy every day of the road instead of creating an illusion for yourself that the future will make you happy. So spend time with your friends and family, be happy with what you’ve achieved instead of being unhappy over what you haven’t achieved.” Taska goes on to say, “I wrote ‘Losing Our Minds’ when I was so caught up trying to chase my future that my body literally had to put a halt to it. I realized that sometimes it’s better to just stand still for a moment or even take a step back. ‘Losing Our Minds’ is the debut single off of my forthcoming EP and I want it to have a positive message to people: stop worrying about your future and live in the moment, take a step back and enjoy every step of the journey because it’s going to be a long one.”
Taska will be going on tour with San Holo this month.

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