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“I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere.” For any of us who have rescued, been f**ked, and then f**cked over by a narcissistic, parasitic musician (or any kind of artist, for that matter), this is the anthem we’ve been waiting for. Talay’s brilliant simplicity in expressing regret over a failed relationship whilst wishing her subject a reticently vindictive farewell leaves us laughing, crying, and perhaps pondering the secret to channeling this brand of empowering spite.
“‘I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere’ is definitely the meanest song I’ve ever written but it was also super cathartic for that reason and is certainly not meant to be taken too seriously (although it is pretty autobiographical down to the details),” says the NYC-based musician. “There’s a time and a place for the Adele-style tear-jerker of a breakup song. ‘Hope Your Band,’ on the other hand, was about something somewhat casual that ended so it was more like a quick ‘well screw you then,’ rather than a lengthy emotional lament about the end of a serious relationship. For the record, I don’t truly have any ill-will towards this person or their band! But once I had the idea, it was just so brutal and hilarious to me that I went for it all the way.”
On behalf of everyone out there whose worst fear is that their user and/or heartbreaker will end up more successful and happy than they deserve, here’s hoping Talay has a few more of these inspiringly ruthless opuses in her.
Talay’s self-titled EP drops on June 2nd.




4/28: New York, NY @ Greenpoint Gallery
4/30: Pleasantville, NY @ Lucy’s Lounge
5/2: Philadelphia, PA @ Raven Lounge (solo set)
5/3: New Hope, PA @ Havana (solo set)
5/5: Philadelphia, PA @ Headhouse Cafe (solo set)
5/5: Philadelphia, PA @ Tralfamadore (good how are you fest)
5/31: Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville (EP release show)
6/2: New York, NY @ Shrine World Music Venue
6/22: Brooklyn, NY @ The Way Station
6/30: New Paltz, NY @ Snuggs
7/1: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live downstairs




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