TRACK PREMIERE: Rose Cologne “Daddy Says”

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It was a dark and stormy night. The wind tossled through the trees ripping their golden leaves from the roots, empty whisky bottles rattled the sidewalks and a fire burned in the background engulfing everything that came within its heat.  In a dimmed lace curtain room sat an Ouija board controlled by no one but summoning a dark force that the world could not control R-O-S-E-C-O-L-O-G-N-E.

Thus was the imagined birth of dark-rock Brooklyn based band Rose Cologne. The three-piece is led by alt-culture goddess Nasa Hadizadeh and her spine-tingling moody vocals that could lure Alice Cooper into the deepest waters. The group is rounded out by music scene locals Brian Chillemi and Alex Fippinger who found a muse in Nasa’s naïveté and approach to music.

Mysterious elements make up the groups sonic charm that holds both Post-punk and post-feminist declarations that swirl in the listener’s head.

Nasa says of “Daddy Says” premiering today, “The song is about domineering men and masculinity; being submissive, but staying strong while aware of their manipulation and enjoying it. I dedicate it to all the men who tell me what to do!”

Their debut EP ‘Dark Alarm’ via Muddguts Records on 10/18/19.

photos / Julia Khoroshilov



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