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8t5b9127-1words / Samantha Berlin

NYLO, a Chicago native who has made appearances on records from Mac Miller, G-Eazy and other well known artists, has recently resurrected from a few years hiatus with an atmospheric, R&B-fueled new jam called “Space,” premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN.
Do you ever close your eyes so tight that all you see is black? And then you start envisioning colors and all you can think about is how amazing the image is and that it’s all in your head? Now imagine a song playing in the background of this mental art: that’s what “Space” sounds like.
“Space is about loving someone so much that you would do the right thing for them no matter what, even in that means to let them go,” NYLO shares.
“The lyric, ‘A rose will wither quick, if kept inside of a vase / But plant the seed to grow, and a rose returns for years’ pretty much says it all,” the singer-songwriter adds. “If you take care of a rose the right way, it will return and honor you for years.  If you cut it down to try and make it your own, it can only live for a couple days.  People are in many ways the same.”
On the electronic track, dreamy, smooth echoes create a sense of disconnect between the present and the outside world as the artist’s vocals float above: It’s almost as if you can experience tunnel vision audibly.
Close your eyes and allow NYLO’s unique sound to fill in all the blank spaces and suffocate your inner woes. Listen below:

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