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The world has its’ moments for when you feel like you can’t go on any further — but for husband-and-wife duo, Loud Forest, the two have found the strength to get through just about anything with their new track, “Hold on.”

The track has an interesting mix of Bob Dylan’s pop poetry vibes crossed with inspirational 80’s sonic hints of Go West, and perfectly captures the bands signature mix of alternative rock with modern pop production — with dashes of gospel and shoegaze.  

Loud Forest is made up of Bernard and Rachel Chadwick who add, “It’s a song that’s meant to be an encouragement to someone who is in that position of panic, a turning point, an ambition, a new venture, keep your cool, hold on tight, you’ll make it alive.” They further describe the song inspiration came after reading a story in the book, “Surf is Where You Find It,” by Gerry Lopez.

“[Gerry] was surfing a really big day at an unpredictable spot in Hawaii. He took off on a wave that turned out to be more fierce and terrifyingly big than he had expected and he was faced with a realization that he was not going to make it — this terror was paralyzing. Seconds before he went underwater for what was to be a life threatening beating from this wave, an old veteran Hawaiian waterman appeared on the shoulder of the wave in a small motorboat, [and] he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, [and was] calm and almost comically cool. He gave Gerry a nod [and] somehow, the sight of this guy gave him courage, almost as if he was saying “You’re going to get hammered…but you’ll be alright”. This courage allowed Gerry to survive not only this wave, but three more that came behind it, holding him underwater for insane amounts of time…We wanted to write our own version of this moment in the song “Hold On.” That place where you find yourself in a situation that turns out to be heavier than you expected, how do you respond to the pressure, or the terror of this in life?”

Loud Forest’s full debut album, Please Don’t Disappear, is set to be released on May 11th and a performance at the El Rey in Los Angeles on May 12th at 8pm.



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