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I accidentally found Lael one night at Emo Nite in Los Angeles while waiting for another band to go on. It was one of those things where you aren’t paying attention, maybe buying a drink — and then you hear something amazing from the stage that stops you in your tracks.
Later on, I discovered his song “Open Waters” — to which I literally lost my mind and sent to every friend I could find that would listen. It’s quite literally the best vocal and electronic production I’ve ever heard.
Lael is the mononym under which artist/producer Jeff Schneeweis releases these magical tunes. He’s released two previous Lael records to dates, the full length Clarity and 2017’s EP, Phoenix. On Friday, he releases his newest EP, Gravity, with the lead track “Can’t Lose.”
Take a listen to the stellar track here, and read our Q&A with Lael below.

Where does the name “Lael” come from?
Lael: I have always loved that name and thought it would be a cool name for a project. So one day I looked up the meaning, and it means “to belong”. I loved that and went with it!
Where did the inspiration from “Can’t Lose” come from?
Lael: Sometimes I start with melody and just write songs from a simple space with one instrument and finish writing the song. But this one came from me producing the track fully, and then writing the song and the concept. I felt like the overall vibe of the song both musically and production wise gave me tons of inspiration to write to.
What is your favorite lyric from the song and why?
Lael: I think my favorite lyric is from the very beginning. “123 123 1 over and over again. Going right back to the start, starting from where we begin”. I love this because life has a weird way of giving you 2nd chances. And sometimes 3,4,5,-10 chances to do things right. It’s amazing to me the amount of grace we have to really breathe and figure things out even in our messy process.
Where did you learn your expert production skills?
Lael: I have always been into recording. In high school, I always recorded my own bands and even my friends bands. One, because I love it and I love teaching myself how to do things. And Two, because I didn’t want to sit around and wait for people to do something for me. I wanted to be the best I could and I get compulsive haha. So, I just keep learning and learning as I go. And it’s turned into a full blown career for me and I’m so blessed to do what I do.
You’ve released a full length album and EP, and will release “Gravity” this month — how do you think your sound has changed or grown from the previous?
Lael: Oh boy. I mean, the absolute best thing about this Lael project is that it’s just me. And I started it to be a safe place to be me. Because I has been through a lot I needed a place to feel free to be ok to change and versatility. From the first album Clarity to now, thighs are pretty different. Things now are more hard hitting and the production crafted more into what the songs are about.

How would you describe your sound to someone on the street?
Lael: Haha idk it’s hard to tell what this is. But I know it has some pop elements and also some indie elements as well. And that’s it’s definitely electronic based with some organic flavors to it.
What do you hope listeners will take away from Gravity?
Lael: Something new. Something they want to listen to nonstop. And to find something new in this every time they listen. I want these songs to be a part of their own memories they are making as we speak.
What’s next for you?
Lael: Right now I plan on enjoying the release of my new album. Spending time with my family and friends, and playing some shows and festivals! Also, start writing for the future album.



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