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Bri Hall is no stranger to an audience. Known for her informative and empowering beauty videos, the young starlet has already solidified herself as a “One To Watch” with her brains, beauty, and wisdom. Now she can add sorcerer of music and magic to her list. Performing under the stage name La Hara, her new single “Unlawful” debuting today is a velvet lined track that is as sexy as it is insightful.

The artist says, “My new single is about self-love and the internal warfare of being who you truly are.  Have you ever experienced a love so powerful, yet the world wants to see it fail? ‘Unlawful’ is about the choice to love and the fight that comes with it. Perhaps you’re from rival cultures or religions, are interracial, LGBTQ+, or from different social classes… It can be about fighting the outside world because of how you identify but it can also be about fighting for a relationship with a person who has changed tough circumstances, or hardship. Like many of my songs, there is a duality of self-reflection. All in all, sometimes the fight to love gets dirty, difficult, and ‘Unlawful.’ Whether it’s loving yourself or someone else. There can be so many meanings behind it – the listener can ultimately take it as they want.”

With her over 700K Youtube subscribers and fan base around the world racking up an impressive 40 million views and counting, we are sure there will be a lot of people listening.

photos / Louise Browne



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