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Los Angeles duo KidEyes have been through a lot — considering both members were previously in successful bands but had both left for various reasons. Guitarist Ben Epand and Vocalist Greg Cahn were looking for a way to collaborate and make music anew in a different capacity — and once they met each other, they knew they’d found a new musical home.

Over the Summer, the duo released their first singles — a double-sided single including fan-faves like “Let Go” and “Love Better.” Listeners responded immediately, seemingly showing the missing void of dare we say it, “indie rock music.” KidEyes’ sound will remind you of an OG Coldplay with the melodies of Imagine Dragons but with an edgier, more indie twist. The band played their debut show last month, a headline show nonetheless at famed Los Angeles emerging artists showcase, It’s A School Night.

Their newest single, “Take Me Back in Time” will throw you back into a time in sound when music didn’t have giant Chainsmokers DJ drops and had all actual real life instruments on it. The band plans to make even more music come 2019, and if it includes the echoey guitars and soulful vocals that their past singles have had, we seriously can’t fucking wait.

Where did the idea for the song come from? What does it mean to you?
Greg: The song lyrically came from a day feeling a bit stale — A Day when you feel vulnerable to your situation, and waste the whole day pointing a finder and being nostalgic. It’s kinda like a love letter to yourself (or someone close) that never gets sent. Ben and I had a session that day, and the song kinda wrote itself.
Why did you decide to call yourselves “KidEyes”?
Greg: I think it’s a lens that Ben and I both try to write from, and live from a lot of the time, or at least we try to — for better or worse. It’s also much more attractive than, “OldEyes.”

Where did the idea for the band start?
Greg: We were forced into it by a mutual dear friend and respected music manager, after we were both coming off of a bad band breakup. It was life or death, we chose life! Hence Kideyes began for both of us. Individually, and collectively.
You just started releasing music a few months ago, what do you think of the listeners reactions so far?
Ben: KidEyes was just launched to the world in August so we’ve been testing the waters with a release about every month. So far, the response seems to be really positive. It’s one of those things — we’re proud of the stuff we’re making, but you just never know if anyone else besides us will give a shit. We’ve been mildly shocked and grateful for all the support and feedback the band has been getting as we start trickling the music out in the world, but the true test for any artist is how people respond to the music live. We just performed out debut show and I think we’re both still hovering above the clouds from the experience and fan reaction.

You had your debut show at School Night — tell us about that, how did it go? How did you feel after?
Ben: School Night to me is such an honor and privilege to be a part of in general. To me, the showcase has such credibility and disctinction in Los Angeles and has served to launch so many new acts. I’ve played it a number of times w/ other artists but just as the “hired gun.”
To be able to headline the night with my own project and finally play some of the songs we’ve been swearing over for the last few years and was truly special. All our friends and family really showed up for the night in support of the band, and to share the evening with everyone truly made the night unforgettable. We couldn’t have been any happier with the overall outcome. On to the next one!
Of the songs you’ve released thus far, which is your favorite and why?
Ben: Wow, this is a tough one — especially as we’re releasing “Take Me Back in Time.” Guess I could say “Let Go” sits at the top of the favorites. This tune was the first we released back in late August and was one of, if not the first song Greg and I wrote together. The tune has always had a special place in my heart and after listening to the track maybe a 1K times, it still doesn’t get old to me. I think for me, a song always needs to tell a story and take the listener on a journey. Whether that’s lyrically or in the production or both. The outro to “Let Go” gives makes my arm hair rise.
What do you have planned for 2019?
Ben: New music, new music, new music! We’ll be releasing a couple songs early February and we’re currently finalizing details for the band’s next show to coincide around the release. The pen game has been on our side lately so the plan is to just keep the steady flow of new music! To me our songs serve as tools to promote our live show… If we have our way, you can expect a bunch of KidEyes shows/tours throughout the year!



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