TRACK PREMIERE: Katelyn Tarver – "LY4L"

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photo / Arvida Bystrom

Katelyn Tarver is a hyphenate that has breezes through the borders of the music and film industry so seamlessly she makes it look natural. Easy in a way that her big-name projects roll off her tongue with the excitement and causality like someone ordering a delicious steak at SPAGO. Tarver will be appearing alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in HBO’s Ballers this coming summer, and  also happened to co-write Cheryl Cole’s UK #1 single “Crazy Stupid Love” with pop goliath Wayne Wilkins.
Riding the massive wave of her explosive hit single “You Don’t Know,” which currently has over 24 million views on YouTube, the singer, songwriter, and actress has been in the studio cranking out hits for her fans. Most recently the powerful ballad, “Never Fade” took to more than a few hearts.
Today we premiere “LY4L”  a track that Katelyn describes with amour.I’ve written a lot of songs about the complicated, hard, scary parts of love. The challenges and fights and conflicts…but it’s harder to write about the good side of love. The exuberant, joyful, euphoric side. LY4L is a song that celebrates that. The seemingly simple, happy parts of being in love. The magic that comes with knowing someone’s got your back and you’ve got theirs and you feel like you can take on the world because of it.” The singer /songwriter muses.
We get to know Katlyn and what we can look forward to hearing off her forthcoming EP KoolAid.

Can we get a muse for “LY4L”?
The muse for LY4L for me was wanting to celebrate the fun, exciting, comfortable side of love that comes with feeling totally accepted and understood by someone.
You Don’t Know,” resonated with so many people. How did it feel to have your first single do that?
It felt really special to have a song so meaningful to me, connect with people on such a personal level. All I can ask for, really!
What can we get ready for with your new EP Kool Aid?
You can get ready for some heartfelt ballads about life and feeling confused, but you can also expect some songs that are sharing a stronger, more empowered side of myself. Parts of me that I haven’t shared as much with my previous releases.  
What are some of your musician muses?
I’ve been super inspired by female artists my whole life but especially this last year… Lorde, Julia Michaels, Paramore, Kacey Musgraves, Tove Styrke… I gravitate towards artists that can write about really complicated emotions and vulnerable moments, but also not take themselves too seriously and see the value in the lighthearted, fun moments too.
Who are some people you would love to work?
Childish Gambino, Lorde, John Mayer, Kacey Musgraves, Kendrick Lamar…..
What is your take on Hollywood? What about the music industry…
 Hollywood influences culture in such a huge way, and I’m grateful that it provides an outlet for people to share their art and voice with the world. I also think it can put a ton of pressure on artists and actors and writers and make it seem like appearance and staying relevant and maintaining your fame is the MOST important thing. That goes for the music industry too… there’s so much pressure to succeed, that it can cloud your vision and make you forget why you liked making music in the first place. I think it’s important to have something or someone that grounds you and brings you back to who you are outside of this industry and the constant need to prove yourself.
You have a unique experience being in successful in both Do you have “music” and“actress” personas?
I don’t think I have different “personas” necessarily but with acting, you’re trying to disappear into the character and portray THEIR point of view on life, and with music, you’re trying to share YOU and YOUR point of view on life, so keeping that separate can sometimes get challenging. But I also feel like they both feed into the other in a nice way creatively. They both require observing human nature and dissecting emotion as truthfully as you can…
What’ is it like having your dreams realized?
It’s exciting! I’m super lucky to have gotten the opportunities I’ve gotten and to get to do this for a living. It’s insane.
What are some of your other dreams?
To write a script, win a Grammy, do Broadway, go to Italy, have kids, own an event space?  Just to name a few….. I’m all over the place, OK?!
How do you get in a good mood?
Hang with friends, preferably with margaritas.
What was your upbringing like?
Southern and pretty perfect.
Where are you doing this interview! Give us the vibe and your vibe!
On the couch in my apartment, wanting something sweet but knowing I don’t have anything in my kitchen, so do I post mates Jeni’s ice cream orrrrrr? Which just so happens to very much be my vibe overall.



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