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Have you ever bitten your lip while eating something absolutely delicious? Why did you bite your lip? You were probably eating too fast, trying to consume your tasty morsel with fervor and an unaware intensity. Welcome to what it feels like to listen to Joyeur.  The LA duo makes music that your ears try to devour as, well, fast as they can.
“Fast As You Can” premiering today will make you want to move, and shake and throw things and dance like you are a crazy person. It’s the perfect song to get you hyped to conquer pretty much anything. Especially catching amorous prey.
The ladies wrote the song as an unabashed ode to internet stalking in order to remove the shame of that human, modern day experience that we all share but keep to ourselves. It’s a song that could easily lend itself to The Bride in Kill Bill as she roams the internet in search of that certain someone.
“I was in a phase where I was very influenced by hip-hop dance competitions (as we all are at one point in time!)” says producer & instrumentalist Anna Feller. “I felt inspired to create something raw and primal that makes you move.”
As singer/songwriter, Joelle Corey says, “Fast As You Can”, was the song that broke us out of our shells and allowed us to fully embrace this style of non-formulaic pop music that we love. It solidified who we are as a duo.”
Enjoy the sweaty lovelorn track below.



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