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Photos / Nikko LaMere

Artist GOLDN’s musical influences range from hip hop to punk rock and everything in between — with writing credits alongside mega stars like Gucci Mane and Rihanna, it’s mystifying that his name isn’t already a household one.
With just one listen to his newest song, “Mama I’m so Sorry,” you’ll see why some explain his music and spirit as “enlightening” and “purposeful.” The track is no doubt a vibey trap-meets-R&B tune, that sounds as if The Weeknd’s melodies and early Kanye smashed into each other face first.
When asked about this newest project, GOLDN says, “I’m trying to be a voice for the culture, trying to affect the next generation. My goal is to be that rockstar of emotions. Going through life numb is a crazy, dangerous thing. I wanna create a safe space for my audience to be whoever they wanna be. That’s the only way you find yourself.”

What was the inspiration behind “Mama I’m So Sorry”?
This is a song about who I was during a period of heartbreak and my journey toward healing and finding myself. I wrote this song as a form of therapy — but it also gets me so hyped when I hear it and hope it does the same for others.
Tell us an interesting/weird fact about the making of the song.
The chorus for this song actually started as the bridge for another track I was working on. When we all heard it come to life in the studio, we knew it was too cool to just be a bridge, so we made it it’s own song.
What do you mean when you say you want to be a “rockstar of emotions”?
I’m not afraid to connect with what I’m truly feeling. When you numb yourself out and never express what you’re going through, you miss out on so much. I always want to connect with my feelings.
I’m not scared to cry during a song. I want to make music you can cry to, dance to, make love to – I just want to express all the emotions I feel through my music.

You’ve written songs alongside some pretty big names….how do you feel that your solo project is different from writing with others?
I think on this solo project, there’s even more freedom in the studio. I truly can say what I want to say. No one is a gatekeeper and I can fully tap into my creativity, unedited.
What’s next for you?
I have a collab coming up really soon that I’m pretty excited about! Next month, the first part of a pretty epic story will be dropping. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s about the phases of love, heartbreak and what comes next — painting the story of who I am today.





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