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LADYGUNN  Dagny_Q3A0663_re (1)

DAGNY‘s music is akin to a rebellious earworm that gets stuck in your ear and constantly tells you, “Get up and dance, dammit!”
The Norwegian pop darling’s fuzzy tracks and earnest vocals are just the addition we need to the music scene –IF she is going to keep making songs like her debut smash hit,“Backbeat”, and today’s good weathered anthem,“Fight Sleep.”
DAGNY says of “Fight Sleep, “You know when you have a fucking brilliant night and don’t want to go to bed because you just don’t want the night to ever end? That is what “Fight Sleep” is about. The song was written whilst I was out in L.A. this spring. Being out there was such an adventure, so many new people, and new impressions and I didn’t want to miss out on any of it.”
Much like “Fight Sleep,” DAGNY’s music continues to be a shiny ray of light that stands out even on the darkest days.  Her EP Ultraviolet comes out September 2nd. Cue it up to be the soundtrack of the last remaining days of summer, and in true DAGNY fashion, you can sleep when you are dead!

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