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Felicity premieres her new song, “Happily Paralyzed”!
There’s a line in Felicity’s latest track where the Australian-born mystic pop songstress raspily rattles off, “Can we go now, can we go now, before we have our doubts?/ Before the clock runs out / Give up on moderation now” that hits me right in my obsessed-with-all-engulfing-love gut. Themes of time well spent (or spent obsessing), being lost in someone, and dangerously in love have always resonated with me, and the R&B-tinged/inherently pop track drags me in.
“Happily Paralyzed” takes on the narrative of a relationship’s honeymoon phase. It’s all delusions of grandeur ramped up with lyrics about “running wild” and “having just tonight.” It is the teenage daydream of a ballad, translating the kind of love you fall into without question (just jump, the net will appear) into passionate lyricism that shows off Felicity’s powerful vocal range.
Every relationship I’ve ever been in has ended in flames and destruction. I’m always a little more broken and a little less trusting afterward,” Felicity shares. “I think the reasoning behind this is due to the fact that I fall so hard in the beginning that it goes from feeling like pure perfection to heartbreak quickly. I had to put myself in the shoes I was wearing when everything was perfect to write this song because it’s about never wanting a beautiful moment with someone to end.



Photos / Katia Temkin




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