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West Coast-based singer-songwriter Evalyn,  is gearing up to release her new EP, Salvation, this year—which is an ode to the cult-like worship of Los Angeles and how artists navigate the city of lights blinded with their starry-eyed dreams and aspirations. It’s a compilation of love songs for the good, the bad and the ugly beautiful. Evalyn spent her youth as a Catholic altar girl in the choir and her worship transitioned seamlesly into the church of pop.


Today we premiere the shimmering, pop-gospel “Angels” that sounds like a Lana Del Rey and  Ray of Light-era Madonna lovechild, born atop the Hollywood sign for the whole city to hear.


The songstress says of the track, “Angels is my love letter to Los Angeles. It’s about pride and being proud of who you are and the city you live in. It’s about the authenticity of the people that come to LA to find their tribe. And how sometimes in finding that common identity, we find ourselves. This was the first song that NicoPop and I did together for this project and it set a feeling for everything that came after it. This one made us laugh and cry about how much we dig this city, how it always breaks us down and builds us back up again. It’s pure magic here and we both worship it. Our influences on this one stemmed from songs we fell in love with while stuck in traffic on the 10.”




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