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photos / Justin Gilbert

Emily Vaughn is a fierce activist in the music industry. Her songwriting and empowered aura come out in every note she blasts out of her heart-shaped mouth.  A synthy, pop darling by trade, by message she is a fighter, an uplifter, and an all-around badass.  Take a journey through her track records and you’ll see her flip her anger, frustrations, and FU’S  on their respective heads over bouncy melodies and a seductive voice that we can all dance to with our middle fingers up.
Today we premiere the seductive and addictive “Room Service” and chat with Emily about how she made it so damn good. Bonus Room Service playlist below that all you cuties can listen to with the covers over your head and someone warm beside you. 😍
Does “Room Service” have a muse? 
Anyone or anything! I just really love the idea of creating whatever world you want with someone regardless of if you have $2 to your name or 2M. “You’re always wanting to go out, tonight lets just stay in the house. Pour some champagne and order in, let’s make it feel like room service.” Plus, for now, my aesthetic is “broke and boujee” so I’m always here for room service.
Who are a few people or some special person you would like to enjoy room service with?
Honestly, I’m throwing a release party for the song and all my friends are wearing lingerie or pajamas, onesies, etc., and we’re going to sip champagne in PJ’s and make it feel like room service. I also made chocolate covered strawberries (see my Instagram story for a really . . . informative tutorial on how I did it.)
When was the first time you felt you loved music?
When I was little, my mom would play Michael Jackson music videos on the TV like it was Barnie, and we’d dance around my living room blissfully and unapologetically. Without even knowing it yet, I was experiencing the joy I feel every day when expressing myself through music.
I love the production on this track. Can you walk us through the vibe you wanted to create within the song?
I wanted the song to feel sexy, sultry and limitless. I walked into the studio with the concept and the lyrics and melodies just poured out within minutes. I wanted to make the listener feel like they’re drinking champagne in bed, under silk sheets, covered in rose petals with someone (or alone and feeling yourself.)
Who are a few artists that you are looking to with love and inspire you on more than a music level?
SZA, Kim Petras, Charli XCX, Dua Lipa. All bad ass women/artists and have inspired me in different ways.



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